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Parable worked with Ford to help with the successful rollout of VIIZR, a new trades industry-focused startup. The goal was to establish baselines for customer acquisition and acquire leads for product development. Parable deployed the project landing page as well as developed a jobsite with a :30 second video, created a comprehensive marketing ecosystem, and launched the project’s Facebook, Instagram, and programmatic advertising campaign to acquire customers.

Some of Our

Most Impactful Stories …

The Fight for Fair Skies

A coalition of domestic airlines, including Delta, American, and United, utilized Parable to generate petition signatures encouraging the enforcement of a trade agreement covering air routes with Qatar and the UAE. Our team targeted highly specific universes of politically engaged individuals who cared about this airline issue. Over three months, we were able to generate over 100,000 petition signatures. These were turned over to the Trump Administration who enacted the policy that the coalition desired.

The Seeds of Persuasion

After Super Bowl LVII, MillerCoors wanted to respond to what it saw as unfair attacks by Anheuser-Busch in the now-infamous advertisements from Bud Light around corn syrup. MillerCoors engaged Parable to counteract these ads with messaging targeted to very specific audiences of farmers and legislators in the Midwest. The advertisements ran on multiple channels and helped to promote the fight against Bud Light to agricultural industry influencers.

The Masterclass on Audience Acquisition and Analytics

Parable partnered with Artists’ Equity, a film production company focused on empowering writers and directors in the sale of their creative rights, to measure and sell the rights to a direct-to-streaming film project. Described by a Top 5 streaming executive as “a masterclass of audience acquisition and analytics” the data-driven pitch resulted in an increased valuation of the film and the ability for the production team to negotiate rights for the movie on an equal playing field with the streaming services.

The Quest for New Riders

We helped Veo, a transportation and technology company focused on micro-mobility solutions, tell the story of their e-scooters in a highly sought-after test market. We identified two important audiences to deliver targeted messages encouraging app downloads and ridership. During the campaign, we analyzed install and rider data to optimize the ad flights, measure success, and collect information to aid the company’s expansion to other markets. The campaign was successful, increasing new daily accounts and ridership. Even more telling, there was a significant decrease in new accounts and daily ridership after our campaign ended. The real value, though, came in the actionable data gathered that resulted in a tested playbook to attract, acquire, and retain new customers.

The Mission to Be Heard

Parable has been honored to partner with Farm Credit Council (FCC) over the past five years to grow the organization’s digital presence. We have been primarily focusing on expanding organizational awareness on a national scale and building an engaged following that can be activated around key legislative initiatives. Using an omnichannel strategy across social media, search, persuasive video, and targeted display, Farm Credit’s One Mission. Many Voices. vision has successfully cultivated an engaged community of supporters across the U.S. Our strategies have increased Farm Credit’s supporters each year, driven consistent traffic to their website, and built a powerful coalition of agriculture activists.

The Campaign That Defied the Odds

Parable played a key role in helping Better Nevada PAC and Governor Joe Lombardo defeat the incumbent governor and flip the only gubernatorial seat in the nation in 2022. Lombardo won by fewer than 20,000 votes. Parable’s persuasive voter contact plans for Better Nevada PAC, an independent expenditure working in support of Lombardo’s campaign, targeted over 1.1 million individuals with mail and digital, helping to increase turnout by 2.3% over projections. Additionally, 91,460 voters in Parable’s targeted audience who were registered in 2018 but did not vote in 2018 did vote in 2022. Delivering the right messages to the right audiences made the difference.

We Believe

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