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Legendary Results.

Parable’s data-first, omni-channel approach allows healthcare organizations to access HIPAA-compliant, individual-level data that goes well beyond demographics to meet shrinking budgets and expanding expectations.




Parable partnered with the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts to identify key audiences for awareness, persuasion, and turnout for multiple levies on the ballot in various communities to build new hospitals, increase access to services, purchase new ambulances, and more. Parable determined the right audiences of voters in three hospital districts who could be persuaded to support the issues as well as turn out and cast their ballots. With a heavy emphasis on direct mail as well as live calls and text messages, we helped meet the turnout threshold as well as the 60%-passage requirement in 4 of the 5 levies, with a clear turnout lift for the targeted voters in each district when compared to the overall turnout.

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Parable is in the people business, focused on audiences of real people and what will persuade and/or motivate them individually to take action. Real people make decisions or advocate for or against something. Demographics and backgrounds don’t.

Parable has decades of experience supporting political campaigns, consumer, and business-to-business marketing programs that require we maintain the highest standards for collecting, managing, and safeguarding consumer data.

The Art of Audience Building.

The Science of Storytelling.

We are a marketing services firm that specializes in motivating action through the art of audience building and the science of storytelling. We leverage advanced data analytics to help organizations, brands, and individuals have a 1:1 conversation with any American, wherever their ears and eyes may be.

Parable has developed billions and billions of predictions and tens of thousands of unique consumer, constituent, patient, and voter-based audiences. Our acquisition analytics solutions offer highly targeted insights to measure public sentiment and deliver actionable data.

Parable offers more than 73 unique healthcare universes, including:

  • Likely to seek a 2nd opinion
  • Likely to not have a PCP
  • Uses a new retail health setting (the new “disruptors”)
  • Driven in healthcare choice by high quality care
  • Driven in healthcare choice by convenience
  • Driven in healthcare choice by bedside manner
  • Likely to pursue bariatric surgery
  • Decision maker for an older adult
  • Likely to need neurology care
  • Likely to need orthopedic care
  • Likely to need cardiology care
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Advancing innovations in data management and analytics relies on impeccable integrity and transparency. By maintaining HITRUST Certification of our data analytics platform, Parable ensures an ongoing commitment to high standards for cybersecurity and data protection.

With over 70 exclusive healthcare audiences, Parable will help you engage in a 1:1 conversation to raise awareness, persuade, and/or activate individuals. Our compelling creative will compete for and win the highly distracted attention of your community as we guide them through raising awareness of your organization and/or specialty, persuading them to drive new patient acquisition, and activating them to use cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedics, radiology, seek a second opinion for care, and more.

Your community is engaged. Your story is only just beginning.

Parable will ensure the right people see your message, in the right medium, at the right time to help you achieve your goals. That may include email, websites, digital advertising, social media, video, and/or print and direct mail.

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With emerging technologies, amplifying your voice has never been easier.

Heard and seen?

That’s The Hard Part.

Our world-class, multi-channel capabilities allow us to provide highly-creative messaging through mediums such as digital advertising, mobile advertising, print advertising, and direct mail to carry on 1:1 conversations with people as they consume information in different ways.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.

Parable Will Help You Identify, Organize, and Grow Your Community to Reach Your Goals.

Learn more about Parable’s exclusive healthcare audiences and full spectrum of analytics, data support, and research that empowers you to make smart, timely, data-driven decisions.