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Legendary Results.

Parable’s data-first, omni-channel approach harnesses the power of
sports fans to achieve your goals.



Client Story

Parable worked with The 1870 Society, proud partners of The Ohio State University, to establish and grow a community of fans around the collective and convert them into purchasing memberships. Advanced data analytics led to digital marketing plans and multiple ad campaigns that delivered well beyond the goal. The end result? 30,800 new website visitors from Parable’s ads, leads and Facebook likes that hit 177% and 147% of the goal, and an average 44% month-over-month growth of new paying members.

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College students, alumni, corporate sponsors, donors, and diehard fans comprise some of the most passionate and loyal people in all of sports. Parable will help you build that community around you, focusing that same passion to supporting your mission and goals.

The Art of Audience Building.

The Science of Storytelling.

We are a marketing services firm that specializes in motivating action through the art of audience building and the science of storytelling. We leverage advanced data analytics to help organizations, brands, and individuals have a 1:1 conversation with any American, wherever their ears and eyes may be.

Our approach ensures we focus on audiences of real people – those passionate and loyal sports fans who we can persuade and/or motivate to individually take the action we want by a date certain. People make decisions and advocate for or against something – demographics and backgrounds don’t. Parable is in the people business.

Once we’ve built your community, we’ll help you read between the lines and understand the people within it. To activate fans, we need to understand them, which begins with a deep analytical dive that identifies where sports fans stand on your crucial issues followed by predictive modeling of every fan in America based on layers of consumer data that is tagged at the individual level.

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Backed by a full spectrum of analytics, data support, and research, our cutting-edge approach looks at both audience and performance data to help you have a 1:1 conversation at scale.

Once you understand your community of fans, Parable will help you engage in a 1:1 conversation with them to raise awareness, persuade, and/or activate your audience. Multiple channels, both online and offline, can be used to reach your audience at a 1:1 level with regular adjustments in frequency and reach to maximize impact.

Your story is only just beginning.

Our compelling creative will compete for and win the highly-distracted attention of your community as we guide them through the three phases of Awareness, when fans learn about you and/or your mission; Persuasion, where fans are made aware of ways to support the student- and professional athletes they love; and Activation, when we motivate fans to take a specific action and convert them.

With emerging technologies, amplifying your voice has never been easier.

Heard and seen?

That’s The Hard Part.

Our world-class, multi-channel capabilities allow us to provide highly creative messaging through mediums such as digital advertising, mobile advertising, print advertising, and direct mail to carry on 1:1 conversations with people as they consume information in different ways.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.

From Day One, We Will Be a Member of Your Team.

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