We are a marketing services firm that specializes in motivating action through the art of audience building and the science of storytelling. We leverage advanced data analytics to help organizations, brands, and individuals have a 1:1 conversation with any American, wherever their ears and eyes may be.

We Are


We Are


We Are


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Everyone has a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.


Client Story

Parable worked with Ford to help with the successful rollout of VIIZR, a new trades industry-focused startup. The goal was to establish baselines for customer acquisition and acquire leads for product development. Parable deployed the project landing page as well as developed a jobsite with a :30 second video, created a comprehensive marketing ecosystem, and launched the project’s Facebook, Instagram, and programmatic advertising campaign to acquire customers.

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Legendary Results.

Our story began in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio, in a basement-level office with hardly a window in sight, an endless supply of creative ideas, and an unwavering drive and determination to set the world on fire with a new approach to delivering a message that brought the art of audience building together with the science of storytelling.

Those were the sparks of what would become who we are today, a marketing services firm that has written the book on how to deliver the right message to the right people, in the right medium, at the right time.

In our nearly 30 years of experience, we have crafted and told the stories of thousands of our clients to tens of millions of individuals, influencing the purchases of consumers, the actions of constituents, and the choices of voters.


Over 8,000 CLIENTS

in all 50 states carry on 1:1 conversations at scale with their targeted audiences of voters, constituents, and consumers.
  • Over 7 Billion Digital Impressions
  • 3 Billion Pieces of Direct Mail
  • 6 Presidential Candidates
  • 29 Sitting or Former Governors
  • 60 Sitting or Former U.S. Senators & More Than 215 Sitting or Former U.S. Congressmen
  • 22 State Legislative Takeovers

We have mastered the business cycle of politics, unlike anything else in the American experience. We have elected leaders up and down the ticket, built audiences of support behind their agendas, shaped public policy, and amplified the voices of Americans along the way. Often within a matter of months, we help political clients launch, define their product, create their branding, find and sell investors, build awareness, define the competitive difference, persuade consumers, and motivate them to “buy.”

We have persuaded consumers to buy, sign up, learn more, act now, and download. We thrive in a contrast environment and help clients successfully strategize and navigate the nuances of contrasting with the competition without alienating our audience. It's our client against their opponent. It's us against them.


to engage in a 1:1 conversation with your target audience — at scale — to deliver the results you need in the timeframe you want.

We have convinced constituents to join, add their name, email, call, and write. We are running the world's largest consumer laboratory, reaching audiences across the country every single day with different messages across verticals and measuring their response. We test thousands of people and products to thousands of data points every day - billions of pieces of mail on top of billions of digital impressions on top of billions of models.

We tell our clients' unique stories by mastering the data behind the problem, identifying the solution within the facts and figures, and crafting a world-class combination of words, art, images, and video.

By harnessing the art of analytical insights and the science of emotional storytelling, we accelerate the purpose of communication.