Legendary Results.

Parable generates more qualified clients for your class action and mass
tort cases at a lower cost per case without wasting time or money.



Client Story

Parable faced off in a head-to-head competition against a legal-focused marketing firm to acquire cases in a nationwide farmer discrimination case. The claimants in this case were minority farmers who had been discriminated against by the USDA loan program. The federal government approved $2 billion in restitution to these farmers if they could prove discrimination. Parable developed a data-driven media plan to successfully reach these individuals. We began by immersing ourselves in data and research of USDA loan statistics to help us identify the target geographies most likely to be qualified claimants. Our campaign did not focus solely on generating leads alone but generating quality leads of individuals who would become retained clients for the law firm. We not only delivered superior results but also generated the most cases across all platforms – resulting in the largest class of this action.

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With over 3,000 data points per American, Parable takes a holistic approach to understanding the total potential plaintiff audience that allows the tactics and strategies to develop from the data. Parable will help you build your build your audience and read between the lines to understand the people within it.

The Art of Audience Building.

The Science of Storytelling.

We are a marketing services firm that specializes in motivating action through the art of audience building and the science of storytelling. We leverage advanced data analytics to help organizations, brands, and individuals have a 1:1 conversation with any American, wherever their ears and eyes may be.

Our approach ensures we focus on audiences of real people and what will persuade and/or motivate them individually to take the action we want by a certain date.

Parable is in the people business, focused on the people who make decisions or advocate for or against something. Demographics and backgrounds don’t do that. Parable helps firms find people who have used certain products, experienced catastrophic events, or shared in the effects of a company’s or organization’s negligence.

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Backed by a full spectrum of analytics, data support, and research, our cutting-edge approach looks at both audience and performance data to help you have a 1:1 conversation at scale. Parable will help you identify, organize, and grow your audience to reach your new client acquisition goals.

Parable will help you engage in a 1:1 conversation with your audience to raise awareness, persuade, and/or activate them. Our approach delivers quality leads at a lower cost per acquisition and greater scale than traditional advertisers. Multiple channels, both online and offline, can be used to reach your audience at a 1:1 level with regular adjustments in frequency and reach to maximize impact.

Your story is only just beginning.

Parable will curate and plan your content strategy to deliver the right message to the right people through the right medium. We bring together compelling words, art, images, and video to create emotionally impactful and memorable content that inspires engagement from your audience and generates a positive return on your investment.

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With emerging technologies, amplifying your voice has never been easier.

Heard and seen?

That’s The Hard Part.

Our world-class, multi-channel capabilities allow us to provide highly creative messaging through mediums such as digital advertising, mobile advertising, print advertising, and direct mail to carry on 1:1 conversations with people as they consume information in different ways.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.

Parable Will Help You Understand and Build Your Total Potential Plaintiff Audience.

Learn more about Parable’s approach to identifying your audience of plaintiffs for class actions and mass torts.